Here’s why Luminance Contrast is critical to public safety!


The risks associated with failing to provide the required levels of luminance contrast to building elements is significant due to the likelihood of injury especially because of slips, trips and falls. All parties involved with the design, delivery and management of a building carry liability should an individual injure themselves. This was never more evident than in the case “Toomey v Scolaro’s Concrete”.


Now there’s a way to confirm compliance……

Call Luminos, the only company in Australia specializing in luminance testing!



Luminos Consulting are specialist luminance contrast testing consultants and conduct each contrast test with accuracy and professionalism.

Luminance contrast testing can be conducted on-site or in a laboratory, using test methodology as described in Australian Standards AS1428.1 – 2009 & AS/NZS1428.4.1-2009.

There is no test too large or too small for Luminos Consulting when ‘standing out’ is what matters!!!!


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